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Stop Ransomware from holding your business hostage.

NTC’s aiCARE Shield managed security software protects your business from security threats, data leaks, and so much more. Start now.

For TRUE 360° Cyber Security protection, there’s aiCARE Shield.

Ransomware attacks have increased 4x in 2 years.

Ransomware incidents have increased significantly in Singapore – with a more than fourfold rise in Ransomware incidents reported between 2018 and 2020, from 21 to 89 cases.** That means:

Your customers are at risk.

Besides locking you out from your computers, Ransomware could hold your customers’ data hostage.

Your business is at risk.

Ransomware could lock you from your systems, with hackers holding your information hostage. This could get expensive (and dangerous).

**Source: Ministry of Communications and Information

Could your business be held to ransom next?

Left unmanaged, every computer in your company could be a security threat. Add to that a drastic rise in Ransomware attacks in recent times, and you have a potential business hostage situation waiting to happen.


Your files or computer might get encrypted, and you're presented with a countdown timer before your files are lost forever.

Computer Lockout

Forget just files — you might just get locked entirely out of your computer and be forced to pay a hefty ransom to get it back.

File Ransomware

Cyber criminals might lock valuable files on your computer so that they become unusable — unless you pay them a ransom.

Mouse & Keyboard Lock

Hackers might attempt to lock every part of your screen — except the ransom payment window, of course. Nasty.

Give your business the best form of protection
against nasty Cyberattacks and Ransomware.
With aiCARE Shield, you get industry-grade protection at a fraction of the cost.

Prices quoted are before GST*

aiCARE Shield


$1,220Qualifying cost

Price is for 1 lot

10 x Subscription of Endpoint licenses

aiCARE Shield


$3,050Qualifying cost

Price is for 1 lot

25 x Subscription of Endpoint licenses

aiCARE Shield


$6,590Qualifying cost

Price is for 1 lot

50 x Subscription of Endpoint license
1 x Subscription for Server license

aiCARE Shield


$10,130Qualifying cost

Price is for 1 lot

75 x Subscription of Endpoint license
2 x Subscription for Server license

aiCARE Shield


$13,670Qualifying cost

Price is for 1 lot

100 x Subscription of Endpoint license
3 x Subscription for Server license

Safe and Secure

Here’s how SECURE your business could be.

Active monitoring

Industry-grade protection

Threat assessment

Detection & response

Intercept & block

Vulnerability detection

Ransomware detection

Data protection

Advance notifications

Risk management

Focus on your business.
We’ll keep your systems in check.

Let’s face it. No business owner has time to constantly monitor their systems. That’s why aiCARE Shield frees up your time to work on what’s important, while we keep your business safe from Ransomware attacks.

Seamless Onboarding

Getting started with aiCARE Shield is
simple and easy. Everything is done
for you by aiCARE Shield experts.

8 x 5 support

Our aiCARE Shield experts monitor
your systems and give you realtime
security updates at a moment's notice.

24 x 7 Proactive Monitoring

aiCARE Shield's security platform continuously scans your systems
to detect any security lapses or concerns.


Our experts are ready to help
in the event of any system
downtime, security compromises
and more.

Alerts & Notifications

Stay up to date on your security integrity
as aiCARE Shield experts notify you immediately in the event of breach.

Security Threat Report

Get an in-depth summary and report
of your system uptime, potential security threats and more.

Get alerted, stay notified.

Stay ahead of the cyber security curve and be up to date about your system’s integrity. aiCARE Shield doesn’t just give you a piece of software: we’re the end-to-end solution to keep your business safe and secure.

Real-time alerts and notifications

Our cyber security experts help you to actively monitor your systems and keep you up to date in real time.

Intercept, decide and advance

Catch Ransomware attacks in advance before they have a chance to ruin your data and computers.

Quarterly Security Threat Reports

Gather insights about how aiCARE Shield has shielded your business from attacks, hack attempts and Ransomware at the end of every quarter.

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aiCARE Shield is a Managed Security Service protecting your Endpoint and Server against Ransomware attack.

aiCARE Shield comes with 8×5 respond & support with NO additional charges aiCARE Shield comes with 24×7 ALWAYS ON & REAL TIME Proactive Monitoring aiCARE Shield comes with Quarterly Report that provides At-One-Glance data for Risk Analysis

Managed Security are network security services that have been outsourced to service provider. The provider will administer outsourced monitoring and management of security devices and systems.

aiCARE Shield comes with a 12-months contract terms with annual renewal basis.
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